Lifestyle Center Management

Introduction | Certificates | Curriculum | Finances | Application



  • 2 year lifestyle center management course (plus a 6 – 12 month internship)
  • Apprenticeship in specific areas
  • Exhaustive Bible classes
  • Clinical experience Lifestyle Center & Hospital
  • Advanced health classes
  • Leadership classes
  • Management Practicum in one or two of Wildwood’s businesses
  • Lifestyle Center and Clinic Management
  • Mission School Management
  • City Mission Management (inlcluding health food stores and restaurants)
  • Supporting Ministry Management (Non-profit & For-profit Corporations)
  • etc.

Upon completion of the course, there is opportunity to hold Health and Gospel Evangelistic Campaigns, conduct Medical Missionary Training Schools, and establish permanent Health Centers overseas with LIGHT ministries. To find out more about our course, call us at 706-820-1493 ext 1038. For information about opportunities offered upon graduation, visit LIGHT at

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